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Heating Company in New Haven CT for Residential and Small Commercial Buildings


At Home Comfort Heating & Cooling Solutions LLC our heating services for New Haven include installation and repair of all types of heating systems. We handle everything ourselves from system evaluation through installation and testing.


Our HVAC technicians have installed and repaired residential and small commercial oil furnaces, natural gas furnaces, and electric furnaces. We also work on heat pumps, geothermals, and boilers. We can convert one type of furnace to another. We support energy efficient systems and will advise customers when their home needs replacement windows, insulation or other work to prevent heat loss.


We are the company to call in New Haven for routine maintenance services on heating systems. An annual inspection can save you money. Sometimes all a customer needs us to do is change a filter or a malfunctioning thermostat. We want everyone to have peace of mind by the time the winter sets in.


Become part of our New Haven Home Comfort family and call us today: 203-290-1005 or send us a message. 

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